You can get your outdoor lighting done through many irrigation and landscape contractors. Will you get the same stunning results without the skills of a qualified professional lighting designer for your estate? Not a chance!

We have been designing and installing customized exterior lighting systems since 1997, and bring a wealth of knowledge and unique skill set to create spectacularly illuminated landscapes for your estate. Ask yourself, how qualified is the irrigation contractor, that recently added “and Lighting” to the signage on their trucks?

From highlighting architectural features, to dramatic downlighting from large trees, there is an art and science to creating an effective outdoor lighting experience. How differently do various species of trees respond to lighting? How is your outdoor space typically used in the evening? What sort of scene will be visible from the interior of your home or office? These are some of the many factors our lighting designer will consider when a composition is developed for your space.

Outdoor Lighting Certified

At Turf Pro, we have taken our lighting craft to a much higher level. In 2008, the Owner achieved Lighting Certified (LC) status, administered by the NCQLP, U.S.A. The LC program is designed to set a baseline standard, covering the entire scope of the vast indoor and outdoor lighting field. Certification is a recognition of those professionals who have met specified standards, as measured by the LC Examination, held annually. In 2014, the Owner completed the Intensive Design and Field Training Course – the most exhaustive and comprehensive training for Landscape Lighting. Led by internationally acclaimed Lighting Designer, Janet Lennox Moyer, and a team of more than eighteen instructors, the course teaches extraordinary techniques for overcoming the challenges of uniquely lighting a growing environment that is constantly submitted to the elements and seasonal change.

At Turf Pro, our business is about creating illuminated landscapes for inspired living. Don’t settle for just average. Make the most of your outdoor space…contact Turf Pro, today, to start creating an oasis in your own yard.