As of July 2016, we commenced offering full carpentry related services to our clients. A long-time business associate of mine will be retiring in a few years, so we have merged our businesses together. Mel Radake brings some 35+ years of high-quality carpentry knowledge and experience to our firm. We can now construct virtually any custom exterior wood structure (ie: fences, decks, arbours, gates).

Custom Deck Construction

If you are looking for a new deck in the Hamilton and Burlington region, Turf Pro Ltd will make sure you are 100% satisfied. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and will take the time to make sure your deck is built and customized to your specific needs. We will even generate and file the required Permits and supporting documentation to municipalities for you. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can also enhance the functionality of your deck and backyard with our exterior lighting services, allowing you to enjoy your deck’s view after dark.

For deck construction, we primarily use Western Redwood Cedar. For the more discerning client, we offer the use of KAYU Red Balau Decking material. This Indonesian Certified Hardwood is naturally resistant to decay, mould and insects, lasting for up to 25 years without additional maintenance or treatments. Please see for details on this extraordinary, natural product that is sustainably harvested.

Outdoor Wooden Fence Installation

Wooden fences are a way of adding beauty and privacy to your backyard, as well as keeping children and pets on your property. Our fences are durably designed and built to stand up to the harsh Southern Ontario winters and humid summers.

Turf Pro Ltd can also incorporate a beautifully crafted wooden gate into your fence plan, offering easy access to the backyard. We can build the gate to a custom width, ensuring you can transport items to your backyard with ease, such as your lawnmower, snow blower, or patio furniture. Gates can be set up with locking devices, tailored to your needs, providing you with an extra layer of security to deter theft at night.

Arbour / Pergola Construction

Our experienced carpenters can also build you arbour and pergola construction services. These structures can be designed in a number of different shapes and sizes, depending upon the site requirements and scale. We can custom design one of these structures for you according to your preference and budgetary requirements. A new arbour or pergola will add a beautiful aesthetic appeal to your yard and provide you with valuable shade during those hot summer days.

Arbour vs Pergola

An arbour is a small, often ornate, freestanding archway or passageway. It is designed to create a charming entrance or pathway covered with climbing plants like roses or vines, providing a shaded area and a cozy atmosphere. On the other hand, a pergola is a larger and more substantial structure, usually attached to a building or standing independently. It consists of vertical posts supporting crossbeams and an open roof, offering a defined outdoor space with partial shade. Pergolas are versatile, allowing for the incorporation of elements like curtains, lattice panels, and lighting, making them ideal for outdoor dining areas or seating spaces. While both structures add character and allure to outdoor settings, the key distinctions lie in their size, functionality, and level of intricacy.

Trellis Screen Construction

A Trellis Screen is an ideal addition to a deck, as it adds privacy while allowing light through the openings between its crossmembers. There are many different shapes and styles of trellises that our professional carpenters can construct to compliment your deck or fence to screen unwanted views. Our landscape services crew can augment your trellis screen with the perfect plants to grow on it, such as honeysuckle or clematis, and further enhance your backyard view.

These garden structures, gazebos, cabanas and custom sheds are all outdoor carpentry services we offer. For custom outdoor carpentry services in the Burlington, Hamilton and Oakville regions, contact Turf Pro Ltd today. Founded in 1989, we also offer a full range of landscape-related services, including landscape lighting, construction, and maintenance. Contact us to get started on improving your outdoor space today!

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”

– John Ruskin

“Dave and his crew are very friendly and knowledgeable, never hesitating to answer any of my questions. From the planning, to the installation, to the clean-up and then to the testing of all the zones, Dave and his crew completed my irrigation system efficiently, neatly, and flawlessly. They worked very long hours in a yard that had its challenges to complete the work in a very timely manner. Upon completion, Dave took the time to familiarize me with all the functions of the control panel before leaving. It was a pleasure to have a crew that takes great pride in their work. I highly recommend Turf Pro!”

Niki Stratako

“Dave and his crew have cared for our property for over 10 years. Over that time, they have done an outstanding job both in maintaining our property and a number of construction projects. Due to the excellent care that our property has received, we have been nominated and have won a number of Trillium Awards. Great Job!!”

Pat Evangelisto

“We have had the pleasure of working with Turf Pro. Turf Pro is one of the very few contractors that use above standard materials for all projects. The design, engineering & thought process is fantastic. Our work and Turf Pro complement each other. All the work is engineered with taste and photo mastery, it is all about detail and beautiful landscaping. Whether a small project or a larger scale design, Dave and his crew are certainly the correct professionals to use!”

Michael Finlan

“This was my first experience dealing with Dave and his crew from Turf Pro Ltd. They did some spring pruning and general yard maintenance for my property. My husband and I are avid gardeners but some of our trees and shrubs were overgrown. Dave and his crew are passionate about their work. This shows in their attention to detail. My gardens look meticulous now and the shape and structure of my Japanese maples, Chinese flowering dogwoods and various hydrangeas is back. Dave is knowledgeable, reliable and responsive. I highly recommend this company.”

Jill Dupuis

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