If you are thinking of a landscaping project for your Burlington area home – maybe a nice patio or pathway, or even redoing your driveway – you might be thinking about interlocking stonework. Maybe you love the appearance of interlocking stone but aren’t sure what benefits it offers or whether it is right for you.

Well, here are a few insights to help make your decision a little easier.

What is interlocking stonework?

Interlocking stonework is when pavers or stones are placed next to each other in a landscaping project to create a sophisticated look or attractive design. To keep them from moving, a polymer sand is used to bind them in place.

What are the advantages of interlocking stonework?

There are many reasons why homeowners in the Burlington area choose interlocking stonework for their outdoor spaces.


There is no doubt that aesthetics is one of the biggest appeals of interlocking stonework. Sure, a plain cement pad may be economical, but it’s not all that attractive.

Interlocking pavers, however, can provide a luxurious look that will make you want to spend more time outdoors.

Moreover, the natural stones themselves come in so many sizes, shapes and colours that you are sure to find something that suits your taste and looks great with the style of your home.

Customizable Design

Another advantage of interlocking stone pavers is that you’ll have a unique design for your home. By combining stones of various sizes and even colours, you can achieve a look that is all your own. If you don’t want your patio or driveway to look like everyone else’s in the neighbourhood, interlocking stones can be a great choice.

Whether your taste is formal, rustic, whimsical, or anything in between, you can achieve it using interlocking stones.

Patio Durability

When you experience the kind of weather you do in Burlington, it’s important to use durable landscaping materials. And interlocking stones are certainly that. Once installed, you can expect these stones to last up to 30 years, or even longer!

Easy Maintenance Driveway

We know that you want to spend your patio time in relaxation mode – not in maintenance mode. Interlocking paver stones are easy to clean. Just give them a sweep or hose them down occasionally when they get dirty. For a deeper clean, go ahead and bring out the power washer.

Non-Slip Brick Walkway

Paver bricks are also a very safe material to use for outdoor spaces since it has a non-slip surface. This makes interlocking stone an excellent choice for use on walkways, backyard pool areas, and more.

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