Landscaping the property around your Burlington home isn’t always just about trees and flowers. In fact, there are so many other items you can incorporate into your landscaping to give your yard a unique and beautiful finished look.

One of these items is natural stone, often used because of its durability, especially in Burlington’s harsh winters. Natural stones – like limestone and quarry armourstone – are unique in shape and size, so no two pieces will ever look the same and will need to be arranged in place, on site. There are 6 factors to consider when using boulders in your landscaping plans.

Does the stone suit your desired look?

There are many stone choices available to homeowners when they are looking to incorporate boulders into their landscaping. The kind of stone you use should fit in with your home and your desired look.

Is it armourstone local?

When you buy limestone or armourstone boulders, the cost you pay isn’t just about the cost of the rock itself but also for transportation. Boulders are incredibly heavy, so they require special transport to get from the company to your house. If you can, purchasing a local stone will drastically cut down on the transportation expenses as it doesn’t have to go as far.

Are limestone boulders too big for my yard?

When looking at stones in the company’s yard, it can be difficult to conceptualize exactly how it will look once it is in your yard at home. This is where a professional comes in handy. Having a professional who knows how to place stones and boulders to complement your home is invaluable when working with boulders in your landscaping. Many homeowners will consider using smaller stones because of the cost to buy and deliver, but the scale of how it looks with your home should be more of a consideration than the cost of delivery.

Is your contractor experienced?

Any contractor who has worked a decent amount with stones knows how strenuous it is to experiment with the placement of stones in someone’s yard. It’s really hard to determine how stones will look together until they are in place; however, without proper knowledge and experience of how heavy these stones are, people can get hurt, and parts of your home or vehicles could get damaged. Make sure your contractor has sufficient experience, and you don’t take on more than you can safely.

How will the boulders be arranged?

One of the things many people don’t know about boulders is that they don’t actually sit on the ground – they are planted slightly below the ground. It’s also very uncommon for boulders to be on their own on most properties, as they often look best when grouped together. Sometimes boulders will even be placed with some smaller “helping stones,” and the finished look is gorgeous.

Can the arrangement help the rest of your yard?

In nature, you may notice that boulders have plants and flowers growing up around them and between the cracks. The way you arrange the stones in your Burlington yard can help with other planting opportunities in your yard.

You can use perennials, which require very little maintenance and often add a lot of aesthetic value to the finished look. Using plants around your boulders is known as nesting, and it can help make the rocks fit into the space you want.

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