Using a landscape lighting system is a beautiful way to enhance the beauty, enjoyment and security of your Oakville, Burlington or Hamilton area home during the evening hours.

The majority of today’s outdoor lighting systems use low voltage LED lights. Low voltage landscape lighting keeps energy use to a minimum while still providing ample light for safety and security. Furthermore, LED landscape lights are versatile and offer a full range of visual effects to set the perfect mood for your outdoor space.

These lighting systems are much more than a collection of hardware. Properly designed, these systems add an artistic flair to your landscape design. They can be used to illuminate patios, retaining walls, home facades, flower beds, trees, and more depending on your personal preferences.

A typical landscape lighting system will include:

  • A transformer which converts your 120V household current to 10-15V
  • Bulbs
  • Fixture housing – made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, copper, brass, etc.
  • Stakes – to help keep fixtures in place
  • Cable
  • Power and control unit – many of today’s landscape lighting systems are easily controlled remotely and at the touch of a button or even from your smartphone. You can also schedule your lights to run for a set length of time, as well as program brightness and even colours.  Smart lighting are also popular as the lights come on depending on the time of the day.

As you might imagine, you can use several types of landscaping lighting depending on what you wish to illuminate and the visual effect you are trying to achieve.

Types of landscape lighting:

  • Garden lights – These lights are generally between 18-24 inches tall. Metal tops on these lights help to reflect light downward onto flower beds or pathways.
  • Wash lights – These lights are usually dish-shaped. They emit a wide and soft glow, ideal for lighting flat surfaces such as fences and retaining walls.
  • Bullet lights – These offer the most precise landscaping lighting since they use a narrow beam. These are often used by Burlington area homeowners who wish to highlight a specific feature such as a tree or outdoor structure.  Bullet lights may also be used to highlight a home’s architectural features.
  • Well lights – Well lights are ideal when you don’t necessarily want to see the light fixture itself. They are often close to the ground surface, and the bulbs are in a waterproof housing. They make a good choice for illuminating the underside of plants or along the base of a fence or wall.
  • Downlights – these lights are placed high off the ground, such as on a tree or tall metal fixture. They are perfect for creating a romantic moonlit effect on lawns and paths.
  • Floodlights – brighter than wash lights and with a wider beam than bullet lights, floodlights are typically used when a homeowner wishes to illuminate taller or wider features such as property facades.

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There is no doubt that installing a beautifully designed and energy-efficient lighting system to your landscape will enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor space.

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