Property Values and Landscaping Investment

An investment in professional landscaping produces excellent returns for homeowners, as countless studies have proven time and again. Many property owners will make a significant financial investment in landscaping their home, condominium, or business as a direct result of this reality. Unfortunately, without proper maintenance of both the hard and soft landscaping elements, the initial installation, no matter how well planned and executed, will (in most cases) fail in less than five (5) years.

The site deterioration creeps in over time, starting on Day 2. Suddenly, the property owner is faced with numerous problems and expenses to manage in an effort to restore the exterior landscape to its original condition. For example, overgrown shrubs that are larger than their intended sizes (when pruning is not performed), block window views or walkway accesses; wood structures have accelerated wear and deterioration; lawn areas are unmanageable with unwanted weeds taking over from the desired turf.

Proper landscape maintenance of the exterior landscape is something that should be seriously considered and planned for by the property owner well in advance of the construction work being performed. Spending a marginally extra fee for good maintenance services versus a ‘mow and go’ contractor protects the client’s significant landscape investment and maximizes his/her long-term return.

How We Can Help

With our focus on positive site development, as well as building sound client relationships, Turf Pro will ensure the best long-term return on investment for a property owner. Our well-trained and experienced staff know their respective roles and responsibilities very well. Whether we are maintaining your landscape plantings and turf areas, building a new deck, or installing artisan landscape lighting, rest assured the work will be done correctly, the first time, every time. Our ongoing maintenance best practices promote the landscape to flourish and reach its maximum potential.

Call us today so our landscape maintenance crew can help build and maintain your dream yard.