Picture this. You wake up. The sun is shining through your window. You step outside, still in your pajamas, to enjoy a morning coffee in the fresh air. Surrounding you is stunning flowers, perfectly landscaped grass and a beautiful mix of ornamental trees and shrubbery.

Now skip ahead twelve hours. After the day is done, you spend the evening on a stunning patio. Trees, all around you, are lit up with spectacular colours. A water fountain shimmers against the soft lighting surrounding it. The atmosphere is breathtaking. You feel like you must be at an extravagant resort…but you are in your own backyard.

Transform Your Yard

Turf Pro can transform your yard, making it into the magical retreat of your dreams. With a team of highly trained landscape technicians, we work with you to create a look and feel for your outdoor space, personalized to your tastes.

We take your landscaping to the next level by illuminating your outdoor space with creative exterior lighting services. Our highly trained lighting technician has completed the coveted Intensive Design and Field Training Course (Illi), ensuring the best results for every client we work with.

Let us do the hard work of keeping your outdoor space looking amazing, in every season. At Turf Pro, our reliable landscape maintenance services make maintaining your outdoor space easy…leave the hard work to us, so that you can take the time to enjoy your outdoor oasis.

It’s not just the size of your yard that matters. Take your outdoor space to a whole new level with professional design, fantastic lighting, and regular maintenance. Contact Turf Pro, today, and discover Illuminated Landscapes for Inspired Living.  We serve the Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton area.