At Turf Pro Ltd. we are committed to providing high-quality condo property landscape maintenance. If you are part of a condominium management team and are looking for a company in the Burlington, Hamilton, and surrounding area to take care of your condo grounds, please reach out to us to learn how our services can benefit your property.

Ensuring that condo or townhouse grounds are well-kept and safe is an essential part of condominium management. Not only do the residents have an expectation that it is something included in their condominium fees but keeping shared outdoor areas in good repair and looking attractive can be a selling feature when one of the units in your building comes up for sale.

Grounds Maintenance

Many condominium complexes use their green space and outdoor areas as a selling feature for would-be condo owners, and many existing owners pride themselves on living where shared outdoor spaces are well maintained. At Turf Pro Ltd., we do not simply run through a property at high speed, minimally cutting the grass areas, then leaving. Our experienced, and well-trained staff employs a systematic, comprehensive approach to our maintenance, that ensures your outdoor areas always look immaculate during the growing season.

At Turf Pro Ltd., we can help you keep your outdoor spaces looking their best by offering the following landscape maintenance services:

  • Spring cleaning and removal of dead leaves and plants and debris leftover from the winter.
  • Fertilizing, weed control, and aerating of turf areas.
  • Keeping trees healthy and attractive through ISA Approved trimming and pruning practices.
  • Ensuring gardens continue to look as pristine as the day they were planted through weeding, cultivation, and edging.
  • Lawn maintenance, grass cutting, trimming, and power edging.
  • Removal of clippings and debris from the site and composted at a local facility.
  • Removal/replacing of dead plants.
  • Irrigation system maintenance.
  • Fall clean-up, including collection and removal of leaves and annual flowers.
  • Repair and maintenance of hardscaping features such as patio stone replacement, repair of privacy screens, etc.

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While Turf Pro has expanded its professional landscaping services over the years, we started solely as a landscape maintenance company, and this has remained one of our passions. If you are looking for a Burlington area landscaping maintenance company that will provide the highest level of service to keep your condominium grounds or commercial property safe and attractive, then give us a call today to speak with us.