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Company History

The Sole Proprietorship of Turf Pro was founded in 1988. Originally, it was a business operated in the summer months, as a means to pay for the completion of University by the founder, Dave Colborne. Operations were expanded to full-time, after graduation from Brock University in 1992. Initially, comprehensive landscape maintenance was the only service provided. In 1995, the business was incorporated to form Turf Pro Professional Landscape Maintenance Ltd. During the mid-1990’s modest design/build construction projects were added, with full landscape lighting services commencing in 1997. In 2004, irrigation installation and maintenance became a part of the services portfolio. With the purchase of additional equipment in 2010, the Company can now perform large tree pruning and removals.


The Company now operates three trucks, with dedicated crews working on comprehensive landscape maintenance; landscape construction; and design/build landscape lighting services.

WARRANTY – Construction and Lighting

  • All warranty commences from the date of installation, upon the durations outlined below.
  • All new supplied and installed plant materials are covered by a one (1) year, replacement warranty.
  • All lighting materials are guaranteed for three (3) years. Further manufacturers’ warranties are outlined in our individual lighting proposals.
  • All workmanship is guaranteed for two (2) years.
  • Vandalism, abuse, and/or Owner neglect void all warranty.

Our Pledge to you:

Honesty and integrity are paramount goals that all members of the Corporate Team strive to maintain everyday. In keeping with this, all photos contained on this website and promotional materials is 100% our work, and not from generic ‘stock’ photographs.

Turf Pro LTD
Turf Pro LTD


Complete landscape design/build services are available:


An excellent landscape starts with a well-planned and tasteful design. We have been proud to work with Lyn Bravo, BLA, since 2000. Her designs are meticulously crafted and adapted to meet each Client’s specific needs. Her hands-on approach, through to the end of construction, ensures that the initial vision is translated into the final product.

  • Ebel/Wiarton natural sheet stone
  • Mortared/Dry Flagstone walls and walkways
  • Interlocking stonework
  • Patterned Concrete/Exposed Aggregate
  • Weathered Limestone and Quarry Armourstone boulders supply and installation
  • All Aggregates including custom granite pebble mixes for water features
  • Asphalt driveway repair and sealing
  • CNTA Certified No. 1 Plant Materials obtained from local nurseries
  • Local Certified and tested soil mixes
  • Certified No. 1 Bluegrass Sod
  • Bulk mulch installation for small and large properties
  • Seasonal Annual flowers installation including special Christmas Urns decorating
IRRIGATION SYSTEM – Installation and Maintenance
  • Complete design and installation using TORO® and RAINBIRD® products
  • Automated design to ensure accurate and efficient water usage
  • Backflow Prevention devices installed
  • Spring opening and fall winterization services
Turf Pro LTD

Landscape Maintenance SERVICES

When the business was originally founded in 1989, comprehensive landscape maintenance was the sole service offering. This division has consistently expanded on a referral basis, one property at a time. Residential properties constitute the majority of the maintenance work, with select restaurants and a large condominium rounding out the portfolio. Please enjoy viewing the Company’s maintenance services performed on these fine properties.

Turf Pro LTD

Landscape Lighting Services

These services were first offered in 1997. This section has seen the most rapid growth in recent years. The Company’s ongoing commitment to offering high quality services is most exemplified by our comprehensive, artistic lighting compositions. The unique nighttime scenes bring a peaceful and calming eloquence to any home. Unlike seasonal patio furniture, the lighting is useful throughout the year, giving the Client an ever changing view from inside and outside their home. Please enjoy the following exhibits from various properties around southern Ontario.

Turf Pro LTD

Seasonal Services

At various points during the year, many Clients require certain additional services. Outdoor Christmas lights supply and installation is a popular add-on in November. We can also perform complete urns decoration for all four seasons, if desired. Here are some samples of our seasonal decorations for your viewing.

Turf Pro LTD

Membership Associations

We are a proud member of the following professional organizations:

Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association:

With more than 2,000 professional members, Landscape Ontario is the province's premier horticultural trades association. Their mission is to be the leader in representing, promoting and fostering a favourable climate for the advancement of the horticulture industry in Ontario. For more information, please visit:

Illuminating Engineering Society:

The Illuminating Engineering Society was founded in 1906, and is the recognized technical authority on illumination. Its objective is to communicate information on all aspects of good lighting practice to its members, the lighting community, and to consumers, through a variety of programs, publications and services. For more information, please visit:



National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP), USA:

The Lighting Certification (LC) Program was initiated by the lighting industry in 1991. It is designed to set a baseline standard covering the entire scope of the vast lighting field. The program is administered by the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions. NCQLP Certification is recognition of those professionals who have met specified standards, as measured by the L.C. Examination, held annually, every November. At present, there are approximately 71 LC’s practicing in the province of Ontario. For more information, please visit:



International Landscape Lighting Institute (iLLi):

Founded by world renowned landscape lighting designer, Janet Lennox-Moyer. The organization offers hands-on design, build, and maintenance instruction on science and art of landscape lighting. Quite simply, the best course offering and guidance available. For more information, please visit:

Turf Pro LTD

Intensive Design and Field Training Course

The Intensive Course (IC) is the most exhaustive and comprehensive training regarding landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is one of the most challenging aspects of lighting design: you’re working in an open space, in a constantly growing environment submitted to the elements and affected by seasonal change. However, overcoming all these challenges makes it even more rewarding for the designer, and the IC provides the tools to understand how to successfully overcome these obstacles and create a safe, enjoyable night environment.

This 5-day, 5-evening class is lead by internationally acclaimed lighting designer Janet Lennox Moyer who directs a team of more than eighteen instructors. The student - instructor ratio is almost one to one. A series of lectures, demonstrations, presentations and a lot of hands-on field work using all major manufacturers’ equipment will allow you to create a great visual composition.

Once you’ve completed the class, you’ll be able to create beautiful landscape lighting compositions, correctly install the equipment required to create your design, have the understanding and tools to document the system to ensure its longevity, and know the steps to properly maintain the equipment over time.

Course Project

The culmination of your learning experience in the Intensive Course is a landscape lighting project designed and realized by you and your fellow attendees. In teams of six, you design, specify, install and aim a full-scale mock-up project in an area of illi Park. On your final night at illi, your team presents your work to your "clients" during a celebratory evening attended by guests and the general public. Here are a few photos of our group project work performed in October 2014.

Turf Pro LTD

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