We had the privilege of working on a very unique carpentry project last winter, that was recently completed. The Client has always enjoyed viewing maize designs, so it was decided to recreate a favourite of hers on the rear yard fence to go with some new landscape plantings.

Construction Details

We did not have a scale drawing of the pattern, just a picture on a Candy Cane box to go by. After careful measuring and some revisions, the plan was eventually translated to a sheet of plywood. It ended up taking some 78 pieces to complete the plan, and all were precisely cut to ensure the dimensions and angles matched. Colours were selected to coordinate with the fence. The maize was given 2 primer and 2 finish coats to protect it from the elements, and mounted on 4×4 posts, set in concrete sonotubes. The mouse in the top right corner took some time to create, as we wanted it to look ‘cute’ and not like a rodent. After three revisions, we had the perfect mouse!


This was a one-of-a-kind carpentry project, that I have not seen anywhere before. My special thanks to our client for allowing us the creative trust and freedom to complete this vision. To all that participated in this project, excellent job!